Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's Not PMS, It's You! by Deb Amlen

Publishing Information:
Title – It’s Not PMS, It’s You!
Author – Deb Amlen
Publisher – Sterling Innovation
Date Published - 2010
# of pages - 128

Genres & Themes: Non-fiction, Humor, Male-female relationships, Dating and marriage

GoodReads – 10 ratings – 4 customer reviews

For every woman who has pulled her hair out trying to explain, for the 46th time, the importance of putting the toilet seat down, there’s a man sniggering, Someone's on the rag. This book is for that justifiably furious gal. The war between the sexes has raged for millennia and It's Not PMS, It's You! is a hilarious, take-no-prisoners reconnaissance mission into the minds and souls of men and the things they do to infuriate women. Beginning with a completely scientific, fairly non-hormonal look at the history of the term on the rag and ending with the Diary of a Break Up in One Full Menstrual Cycle, this lighthearted guide discusses who should fund the medical research into why men do what they do, why men hate to talk about their feelings and an absolutely foolproof method for sustaining a long-term relationship. – book description


* Be sure to have a chocolate bar ready as soon as you purchase this book. The book cover looks like one and if you are an addict you might just need to get yourself to the store instead of chomping down on this great read instead!

* Each chapter of this book comes in a different format – a fake history of the saying ‘she’s on the rag’ from prehistoric times onwards, online blog/journals between a dating couple, relationship stories, a scientific study made public on different aspects of male behavior, a fake social networking feed with characters from Gone With the Wind.

What I thought:
This book is great! It’s very funny and it has the added bonus of being tastefully done. This means that although Deb Amlen may make fun of men and their sometimes sexist or clueless behavior that some of them may even enjoy reading the book as well. There is no finger waving here (okay…maybe just a little ;)). Some may pass this book by thinking that “oh, that’s just a male-bashing book” but this is not so. Any generalizing about men in particular is so over-the-top (see: scientific study on male behavior) that you just have to shrug your shoulders, laugh, and say to yourself “Well, at least he is not one of those!” If anything, this book made me appreciate just how special my husband really is. And the best part about the book as a whole is that I felt I could re-read it next year and find it even more funny with my new life experiences under way…then the next year, and the next, and so on.

Recommended to:
Humor fans, those interested in the differences between male and female behavior (esp. through a woman’s perspective), women in straight relationships.

Where I got this book:
I won this book through a giveaway contest on

Where you can purchase this book:
The book can be purchased through large distributors such as


  1. Wow, thanks, Erika! So glad you enjoyed the book!

  2. Glad to review it for you, Deb! And thanks again for the great giveaway contest :)


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