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Space Junque by L.K. Rigel

Publishing Information:
Title – Space Junque (In Flagrante Apocolypto #1)
Author – L.K. Rigel
Publisher – No information (Copyright 2010 LK Rigel)
Date Published - 2010
# of pages – No information (1,134 Kindle locations)

Genres and Themes:
Science fiction, Space Opera, Paranormal, Apocolypse, Romance

GoodReads – 10 ratings – 9 customer reviews

Plot Summary:
Space Junque, a novella.

Char Meadowlark accepts an invitation to visit the Imperial Space Station from Mike Augustine, her dead sister's fiancé. While she's in orbit eco-terrorists start a planet-wide war.

Stranded above the earth, Char and Mike are thrown together. He wants more from her than friendship, but she can't stop thinking about Jake, the man who saved her life.

Jake Ardri is the bastard son of the Emperor's favorite courtesan. He hates politics and keeps to himself, running the rich and powerful to off-planet vacations in his shuttle, the Space Junque. When Mike Augustine asks for yet another favor, Jake thinks nothing of it -- just see that Mike's friend gets off planet safely. Jake doesn't expect to fall so hard and fast for the privileged "blue-carder" he finds in his Junque.

But is love even possible in flagrante apocalypto?


* According to notes published at the end of the novella, Space Junque is the prequel to Bleeder, the first book of the Afterworld Series.

What I thought:
I saw this posted up on the Kindle group over at GoodReads. Science fiction isn’t normally something I am excited about and therefore is not something I am normally curious about when I come across suggestions or postings on little-known books within the genre. So it was a different experience for me to have this catch my eye. First, it’s title was something I was very curious about. What exactly is a Space Junque? What does it mean? And a paranormal space opera? What does that mean? For some reason there was something inside of me that just had to know. This little novella (or novelette) was cheap enough that I decided to take my chances.

Well I took my chances and believe I did alright with them. The story is intriguing. It follows a woman named Char and her journey from Earth into outer space on what turns out to be a grand adventure. The world is futuristic and much has changed from our current times. We get to see glimpses of the people (mutants, “ghosts”, DOGs, even gods and other spirit creatures) and politics (one world government) along the way and hear Char’s take on the way things are. The world is certainly a very interesting place and adds a lot to the story.

My little quibble with the world building here is that we don’t really get to hear enough these aspects. The author mentions them, we come into contact with characters that either are or know more about these things but they aren’t really explained. For example, Char mentions the “ghosts” quite frequently at the beginning of the story. She sees them and explains what they are doing. She is afraid of coming into contact with them. But if you asked me to tell you what the “ghosts” are after reading this story, I could not tell you. It’s never explained. As for the DOGs, we learn that they are terrorists, we come into contact with them, see how they operate, but the author either leaves out or forgets to explain what the acronym stands for.

Then there is the strong aspect of the story – the one that really kept me reading. Here’s Char’s social life, an unexpected romance, the mystery of what happened to Char’s twin sister Sky, and what appears to be the coming apocalypse on Earth. I’m not sure if it was the scandalous mysteries surrounding these aspects or the unfolding events which really brought them to life but this part of the story was just great. It is filled with action, twists, and turns that will keep you on your toes, flipping pages furiously until the very end.

As a few readers have said over on GoodReads, I wish this story was longer to make it more flushed out. But I also wish this story was longer just so I could keep reading. Despite my reservations about the world building I really did enjoy this little tale. Surely, I will be reading any sequels that come up in this series.

Recommended to:
Paranormal romance fans who enjoy science fiction and vice versa

Where you can purchase this book:
This novella is available through the Amazon Kindle store for $2.99
**UPDATE: L.K. Rigel has just lowered the price of her book to $1.99!**

**UPDATE: Sale over now. Thanks L.K!**

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  1. I have seen this book around the blogosphere a bit and it sounds like something I might have to add to my TBR list :)

    Have a wonderful Sunday

  2. Thank you for this thoughtful review. It was a lovely surprise.

    So many readers have wanted to know more about Char and Jake -- and Durga -- that I'm bringing out another book, Spiderwork which continues their story. It's knocked Bleeder back in the schedule, but the good news is there won't be much of a wait between books next time.

    And Spiderwork will be longer!

  3. You're welcome L.K. I will look out for Spiderwork in the future. It was an enjoyable story. Thanks for writing!

    @ Chrizette - I think it is worth adding if it peaks your interest! Do you have a kindle or kindle app? There's no harm in getting a sample. Okay, maybe that theory is the beginning of bankruptcy if taken too far but it might be helpful when deciding for sure ;)

  4. Pardon me -- I forgot to add: The main "complaint" about SJ is that people wish it were longer. Your review actually convinced me to lower the price of Space Junque to 1.99, so it's even cheaper than it was.

    The change is up at B&N and Smashwords, but it hasn't gone through yet at Amazon.

    So Erika, you've saved your readers some $$!

  5. That's so nice of you lower the price! I see it has gone through at Amazon now. I will update the information above so everyone knows.

  6. Hi Erika -

    I wanted to let you know, the sale price down to 1.99 is over and will click back up to 2.99 as soon as Amazon puts it through. $2.99 is still cheap!

  7. Thanks again for the sale! I'll change it back now :)


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