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Rabbit Legacy by Ellen C. Maze

Publishing Information:
Title – Rabbit Legacy (Rabbit #2)
Author – Ellen C. Maze
Publisher – TreasureLine Publishing
Date Published – Nov 2010
# of pages - 410

Genres and Themes: Christian, Paranormal Fantasy, Vampire

GoodReads – 4 Ratings, 5.0 Average Rating – 2 Ratings, 5.0 Average Rating

Plot Summary:

RUN RABBIT RUN...Chasing you is so much fun! Seven years have passed since novelist Beth Rider escaped the clutches of Jack Dawn and his ilk. She and Michael Stone find that the war rages on as a Rakum remnant begins to rebuild under the thumb of a tyrannical and unbalanced Elder. Determined to destroy everything Beth stands for, Elder Rufus initiates a deadly plan to draw her and her allies into his trap. With the aid of a disaffected Elder named Canaan and a mysterious, legendary Rakum youth known as The Last, the ‘Rabbit Army’ will confront the demonic forces behind those who threaten their freedom and their very lives. In the battle between good and evil, the gray area expands as Beth longs to bring an end to the Rabbit Legacy. --Goodreads description


* Book number two of the Rabbit series

* Alternating points of view.

What I thought:
First off, this is the second book in the Rabbit series and I recommend reading the first, Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider before this one. It is a continuation of the first story but takes place seven years after book #1 ends.

I should probably say that when I finished Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider I had no idea there was going to be two more. And so while reading I wasn’t searching for any clues about what might come next. That’s why when I started Rabbit Legacy it was really like starting out fresh again. About a third through I was really happy with what was going on here. First I was happy with it taking place seven years in the future. This meant that we got to skip all the gritty details of the in-between years. And let’s face it, not everyone has a big adventure twice (or three times) in a row.  It was a lot more realistic to me that these in-between years occurred but I was glad that as readers we got to pick up again when all the action was starting up for a second time. And then I was really happy with all the back-story between two of the characters – Roman and Javier – and the addition of some fresh new faces to spruce things up a bit. And speaking of sprucing things up, the rules have changed, the Rakuum understand the power of “Beth’s God”, and there are all sorts of interesting things happening here.

In terms of spiritual lessons, this book is an abundance of them. I really never even thought the term “vampire Christian book” was possible in this sense but I can see from reading this book (in my case, even more so than the first one) that the pairing of vampires and spiritual lessons is just perfect. My favourite line, spoken by Rakuum leader Rufus is “I know the plans I have for you and they are all about me.” My jaw literally dropped and I had to blink away my shock. This is God’s assurance to us but twisted in a selfish way. God says that he has plans for us and they are not to harm us. Considering the way these creatures think of themselves as gods, this line is really something to ponder. Yet Ellen Maze also makes it clear that if they are willing to acknowledge and come to Him, God will allow it. There is ‘salvation’ for all. But my biggest eureka moments in this book, and this is what I held on to in the last book as well, was just what makes people do things they know are bad for them. Why do people have such a hard time with temptation and lust that they are not living the way they want to. Or that it has so completely taken over their lives that they don’t see reason for any other way of living. Really, it made me think of my own attitude towards certain things in my life. And I think that’s what makes a great book. This is such an amazing book for that and I haven’t even scratched the surface here. There really is an abundance of thought-provoking questions (and answers) that it seems like there is something for everyone.

I really loved this book and recommend readers of Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider to keep on reading. Don’t be scared of sequels. This was just as great as the first! If you haven’t started the series yet, I recommend you do. And if you are Christian and already a Paranormal Fantasy reader what is stopping you?  I can’t wait to get my hands on Rabbit Redemption and am just really grateful that there will be other books by Ellen Maze until then.

Disclaimer: Although this book was near the top of my wishlist, I'm oblidged to tell you that I recieved a free copy from the author.

Recommended to: Christians, vampire fans, those who’ve read the first book

Where you can purchase this book:
You can purchase this book through Amazon. Paperback ($14.45) and Kindle ($5.00) available. Check out the Rabbit Novel website for more information about where you can purchase this book.

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