Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Short Reviews for Short Stories #1

"Short Reviews for Short Stories" is a monthly meme created by me to help promote Indie authors of all formats. If you would like to participate by writing your own short story reviews (novelettes are welcome) please leave a link in the Linky Tool below. Linky Tool will be open until the end of January 2011.

Blackbird by Pete Clark 
Genre: fairy tale
I’m not sure if this was a retelling of a fairy tale or an original. The voice of the narrator was very fresh and modern without taking away from that old-world vibe fairy tales normally have. It felt cold and somewhat eerie yet held on to a level of sweetness that was marvellous.

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Ashen by Pete Clark
Genre: Paranormal / vampire / horror
Not as strong as Blackbird. However, if you are a fan of the vampire genre you will want to read this. The story has a very unique explanation of vampire origins (how vampires can be created) and a great exploration of morality issues.

4th Wish by Ed Howdershelt
Genre: modern fairy tale
The story centers around a man who accidently unleashes a genie. The genie approaches him and tells him he needs to make three wishes before she will leave him alone. The man is very clever thinking out how he should make his wishes and this is a huge part of the story. It was actually really fascinating seeing what was going through his mind and the banter between him and the genie as he is figuring out what he should do. However, I did not care for the ending which seemed rather rushed and out of place.

Eros, Philia, Agape: A Original by Rachel Swirsky
Genre: Science fiction, Artificial Intelligence
This is a really strong story and long enough to call a ‘novelette’. Told from two different perspectives, we get a woman who buys a robot to be her husband and the robot who tries to learn what it means to love. It is difficult to say more without giving spoilers so I will just say that this is a very well written story and highly recommended.

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* Just a note to say there will be no book review from me this week. I need a break! But come back Friday to see what I have on my 2011 reading list!

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