Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Broken Feedburner Gadgets

I attempted to move my feed and follower gadgets to a sidebar so they'd be easier to find. Well, the feedburner gadgets (feed and subscriptions) broke in the process. If this affects your feed of my blog, I really apologize. The only problem is I already removed them but Google is telling me I can't put them back up until they are removed. Am I stuck in an infinite loop?

I will attempt to get it fixed as soon as possible. Again, I'm sorry if this has broken your feed as well.


  1. What do u mean by a Feedburner Gadgets? what is there function?

  2. They are website gadgets (I guess you could call them "buttons" as well) for blogger that usually appear at the side of someone's blog. The ones I am talking about are made by "Feedburner". They allow people to be told when there is a new post up. See where it says "Subscribe to 100 Stars Or Less" at the side of my page? They are very similar to that. One that I'd really like to get up again is the email subscription. It allows people to get my posts in their email by entering their address into a text box and submitting it to my site.

    Thanks for asking. I hope someone can help me. I still can't add them back. Bloggers help center is not very helpful so far :(


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