Monday, January 31, 2011

New Blog Schedule

Over the past two weeks I have been working on a few administrative-type things for 100 Stars Or Less including some new content ideas. However, I need to make sure that with the addition of new content series nothing gets missed in the mix. I've made myself a schedule for guidance and thought I'd share it here so everyone knows what to expect. I don't promise to stick to it 100% of the time. There does need to be room for recovery from sickness and family life busy-ness, but I want to stick to it and will try my best. Here it is for your reference:


Monday: Book Types and the Like series (monthly or bi-monthly) (new in Feb.)
Tuesday: Book Review #1
Wednesday: Short Reviews for Short Stories (Monthly, 1st Wed of the month)        
Thursday: Book Review #2 (depends on amount of reviews pending)
                     10 Under 100: Random Books for Your Consideration (Monthly, 2nd or 3rd Thurs. of the month)
Friday: I Am Not a Book and Other Indie Things (monthly or bimonthly) (new in Feb.)
Saturday: Nothing planned yet.
Sunday: In My Mailbox

Bi-weekly: My Book Circle News (new in Feb.)

Unscheduled: Author interview’s and guest posts, announcements, random book talk, events, anything else

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