Friday, January 28, 2011

Space Junque Gets a Facelift

Space Junque has a new name and a new cover.

The old:

Space Junque

The new:

Hero Material

And a note:
Typing in "Space Junque" will now take to you "Hero Material" on all sites - Goodreads, Amazon, Smashwords, etc. I like this. If you only know it as Space Junque, you'll still be able to find it.

This means the winner of the Space Junque and Spiderwork giveaway will now have a choice between the two covers. If you haven’t entered the contest yet, click here. There are only 4 entries so far. The odds are good!

My thoughts on the change:
I am partial to the old cover. I love the woman and think she fits Char’s description perfectly and I also love just the hint of the moon in the background. It has a cool mysterious feel to it that makes me want to find out more. But I like the new cover too. The title and author font as well as the image just seem to match with Spiderwork better. It also has a PNR vibe that I'm sure will appeal to a larger audience. The problem for me is - having already read and chatted about this book for a while - it’s going to be really hard to start calling it “Hero Material” from now on.

So what do you think? Do you prefer the old or the new?

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