Friday, February 4, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Love?

A few days ago, Jenna Annderson, author of Healing Touch, and writer of the blog One Mystake At a Tyme, announced an awesome event for the month of February. Since February is traditionally the month of love we are going to ...

...Share the Love of Books!

Jenna has come up with some fabulous ideas of how you could share your love of books during the next few weeks. I'm really excited because so many of the options fit well with what I'm trying to accomplish here. There are ideas for readers, bloggers, and authors alike. You can read, write, or you can get out of the house and go do some bookish things.

I've set up a linky below for other bloggers to share their links. You can also go to One Mystake At a Tyme to see Jenna's linky list if you'd like. Haven't signed up for it yet? That's okay. Better late than never. Decide now and join in the fun! 

Not a blogger? You can still join in. If you'd like to participate please do. Then come back here and tell us about everything you've done in the comments section.
(Click above)

Feel free to share your links!
Please use the format: Your name @ Your blog's name


  1. Hmm...not sure if the linky is working. Just post your links in the comments for now and I'll get it up there eventually!

  2. Your linky post worked on my site! These linky things are tough. I had to pay for the one I'm using. Don't pay for one - so not worth it.


    Thanks for being a part of my event! I'm excited.


  3. Looking forward to reading what acts of book love you'll be getting up to!


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