Saturday, February 19, 2011

Decisions, decisions, decisions

So, I've made a decision...

This is now a "FEATURE" FREE ZONE!


I love features on other blogs, I really do. That's why when I think of what I assume will be a fun idea that I'd love to do more than once, and on a regualar basis, I have been trying to make it into a feature. But this has been sucking the life out of me. Every time I say to myself I'm going to write X for Y day it starts to feel like work and I no longer really want to do it. It also makes it difficult to make more creative posts and articles (something I had in mind when starting this blog but have yet to do) because I am too busy putting my days into time boxes. So from now on, no more features. This means I will keep what I have going but I am no longer scheduling them.

Instead I want to focus on:
> Reviews
> Interviews
> More options for authors to get their books noticed (without me having to review them)
> Random articles and fun posts related to my topic of indie, small press, and lesser known books
> Guest posts
> Events and blog hop giveaways

More explanation...(possibly rambly...I wouldn't blame you if you just skipped right over the lot of this)

Reviews will no longer be "one per week" as listed on my about page. They will be when I finish the book and am in the right frame of mind to right down what I have to say about it. Maybe it will one per week. Or maybe it will be or two or three one week and none the next. I have made of goal to write 52 book reviews this year. I am sticking to it, but just making the reading part more enjoyable for myself (I am a multiple book reader - the one per week thing is not working so well for me).

10 Under 100 will still be up. But I actually want to do more of these and more creative ways. I am also receiving a lot of book requests. Unfortunately, I can't fit them all into my schedule, so I'll be offering some of these authors a chance to post an excerpt, be interviewed, write flash fiction, or an article, or any other creative thing they might want to do to for a chance to appear on the blog.

Interviews and such. This means blog tours, regular interviews, and some creative interviews that I hope you all will enjoy.

Random articles and fun creative things. I have A LOT in mind here. So if you see something come up that you like, please let me know! I will most likely do what's the most fun for me a second or third time (or more), but if something is fun AND people here enjoy it I will definitely do it again and probably sooner. I will try to stick to the same title and 'label' so you can find similar posts that you might enjoy.

Guest posts. I will be making a form sometime soon. I will be asking "What is your favourite indie or small press book and why?". If you have a blog and would like to gain a little more exposure, if you are an author that reads a lot of indie books, or if you are just a reader with something to say please consider filling out the form. I think these guest posts could be a great thing!

Events. Okay, so I actually have a HUGE event (it's at least huge for me, because it requires a lot of planning to do the way I want) I am planning myself and will let you all know about soon. It happens in August and has something to do with...local authors! Beyond that, I want to participate a little more in the book blogging community, so I will be considering more events and blog hops. I already have a giveaway hop planned for March (possibly multiple ebooks) (and if you've read this much I think I at least owe you a little tip - one of the extra entries will be for filling out the guest post form - so if you have something to say, I'll be automically entering you into the contest!). Plus more.

Short Reviews for Short Stories...I'll still be doing the reviews. But they wont be monthly anymore. More like when I've read one or two stories and can't wait to tell you all about it. If you had looked into this and were excited about possibly participating with me, you still can. I will be including a prompt for you to share with me in the comments section!

So that's sort of really long for what I had to say, but information is power, so I thought I'd let you all know what I'm planning for the future. Don't be shocked to see a lot of new and random stuff coming out of this blog. So, no more features but it's all for the best. I'm certain it will be a lot more fun to read, will be much more informative for you because you'll get to know some things sooner or more often, and will be a great tool for authors to get their names out there :D

....and if you've made it this far...

Thanks for reading! You get a virtual pat on the back from me...actually, your could have a virtual hug from me if you'd like that instead :D



  1. Your blog should be a reflection of you and what you want to do, and if your blog is no longer doing that I am glad that you have taken the time to realize as such and plan accordingly...looking forward to seeing what you have to come! :)

  2. Thank you Stephanie. I needed the encouragement :D

  3. As you know, I totally know where you are coming from, lol! It sounds like a good plan. You need to do what works for you and keep it fun.

  4. @Michelle - Yeah, I've actually seen quite a few posts like these in the last few weeks, so I felt like it was time to do something for myself as well. I feel so free now in my posts, it's great :D

    I wish everyone luck in the recent changes to their blogs!


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