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Healing Touch by Jenna Anderson

Publishing Information:
Title – Healing Touch
Author – Jenna Anderson
Publisher - DTP
Date Published - 2009
# of pages – 50

Genres & Themes: Fiction, Contemporary, Romance

GoodReads – 32 Ratings, 3.78 Average Rating – 23 Reviews, 4.0 Average Rating

Plot Summary:
Divorced mother of one, Tracy Campbell is trying her best to stay out of small town gossip. A mysterious lump on her throat is making it hard. Handsome Dr. Jeremy Nelson is making it harder. This is a sweet romance novella available at many online retailers for around $1. –Goodreads description


* This is a novella available through ebook format.

What I thought:
This very short book is a little story about Tracey, a divorced mom of one, determined to never date again. Unfortunately she is being pursued (constantly) by the new doctor in town who she thinks is way too young for her. This book made me laugh more than once. Truly, it takes a special kind of humour and the right amount of cohesiveness with the story to make me laugh so this was very nice. Tracey’s visits with Dr. Nelson are serious but she seems to be a very confused woman. Either she’s thinking her illness isn’t very serious and he’s just bothering her to get her attention or she’s on the opposite end thinking he only wants to date her to convince her to get the surgery. Even when he does all sorts of wonderful things like taking care of her son and taking the day off to take care of her she still has trouble believing him! So the story is lighthearted but deals with some serious (medical) issues at the same time. I actually want to think that this part isn’t very realistic because I want to believe that most women aren’t that clueless but on second thought maybe I’m wrong. I’m not sure how memorable the story will be in a few years or even a few months. It’s not exactly the most unique tale (especially in the romance genre) so it does feels a bit generic. A nice change if you need to lighten up your mood a bit or have been spending way too much time reading heavy, edgy, or thriller type stories.  It is a sweet little book to fill your day with.

Recommended to: Contemporary and romance readers

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  1. So nice of you Erika - I had to Tweet about it. :-)

    I'm glad you enjoyed the book. Hopefully I'll have a couple more out this year.

    ~ Jenna


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