Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Short Reviews for Short Stories #2

Hello and welcome to another edition of Short Reviews for Short Stories. This is a monthly meme/link-up I have created to highlight some of the great little gems out there, because, why do novels have to get all the attention? Please feel free to participate along side with me. I have included a linky at the end. You can either create your own short story reviews and link back to yourself, link to your favourite reviews of the month, or share some great free stories with everyone. I have created a button that can be found here for anyone who'd like to support this little endeavor!

In honour of my first giveaway (click here - there is still time to enter!) of not one, but two of L.K. Rigel's ebooks, I went ahead and read the stories she has posted up on her website (also available via Smashwords). 

 Alice Ghosting by L.K. Rigel

This is a flash fiction short story and is a sweet little companion piece to Space Junque and Spiderwork. Alice actually appears in Spiderwork and I loved getting this little peak into her world before she met Char, before she was even a ghost. I would have liked an explanation of how ghosting in general works but I did get almost a sense and filled in the gaps. I would love to read more ghosting “riffs” if they were available.

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Bundle of Love by L.K. Rigel
Here’s another flash fiction short story. This one is just general fiction and takes us into the mind of a mother who is dealing with her now grown up daughter who she gave up for adoption as a baby. I haven’t really read many stories with these themes. I get the sense that LK is trying to show us a different side of adoption here – one where birth mothers don’t necessarily grovel at their children’s feet asking for forgiveness. I like that she has done that. There is a sense that this woman wishes things could have been different but we don’t get a sob story and I felt like I could understand more of what goes through women’s minds in this process because of that.

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And here’s two I tried to read but just couldn’t get through.

Ada and the Cow by T.L. Haddix
I loved the background story to the story. The author is trying to write down tales her grandmother told her when she was a girl. It’s very sweet and something I think a person should do for future generations if they can. But the writing of the story needs a little work. It felt too stilted (I wanted to read something flowy at the time) and I had a hard time connecting to what was going on. I got overwhelmed thinking of everything else I could be reading instead and gave up.

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The Curious Appearance of Mr. Fiddlewitz by A. D. Barker

This sounded like a fun idea and probably is. Unfortunately, it was too repetitive for me. The book Great Expectations is mentioned about 3 times just within the first 2-3 paragraphs and it seems as though the writer is trying to do some fun referencing with the characters but not having read this book and not being explained further, I was at a loss. Also, the writing was too repetitive for me. Certain words were just used way too often.  On top of that, for some reason every few paragraphs all the text was bold. This was confusing. Was it on purpose or was it a formatting issue? I couldn’t tell and again I got overwhelmed with everything else I could be reading instead and gave up.

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