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Review: Blue Amber by L.K. Rigel

Publishing Information:
Title – Blue Amber: A Young Adult Paranormal Romance (Apocalypto #3)
Author – L.K. Rigel
Publisher – Self-published
Date Published – February 2011
# of pages – ebook (novella length)

Genres & Themes: Fiction, Young Adult, Paranormal (supernatural), Futuristic society

GoodReads – 2 ratings, 4.0 Average rating –No reviews yet

My Rating: 4/5

Plot Summary:

Blue Amber is a novella, about 20K words. The third story in the Apocalypto series.

When Mallory met Edmund...

It's more than a hundred years after the events of Spiderwork. The new world order is established and routine with power uneasily shared between the Concord Cities and Sanguibahd, now called Red City.

Is it magic?

The stone didn't change. We did.

Thirteen-year-old Mallory of Garrick Settlement 20 cleans dirty tables in her Ma's saloon and hunts for rabbits and blackberries outside the wall. When the goddess Asherah makes her a bleeder, she leaves the settlement for the pampered life of a chalice in Sanguibahd, Red City.

Sixteen-year-old Edmund of Allel has been groomed for the kingship since his father died. He's too preoccupied with his city's problems to think of his personal desires in life.

When Mallory visits Allel on her way to Red City, she and Edmund meet outside the proper formal channels. The forbidden encounter sparks feelings in Mallory which chalices are denied by law to entertain.

Neither imagines their friendship will threaten the delicate balance of world power.

= = = = =
In the same series:
Hero Material (Apocalypto 1)
Spiderwork (Apocalypto 2)

--Goodreads description

What I thought:

After reading the third book in L.K. Rigel’s Apocalypto series, I think it’s pretty safe to say, I’m in this for the long haul. I love, love, love the world that has been created here. In Blue Amber, the third installment of the series, we finally get a glimpse into the world Char and Durga’s generation had such a huge influence in creating. It’s 80 years after Spiderwork and the story focuses on a young girl named Mal (short for Mallory) who is chosen to go to the “Red City” to become a chalice. She finds out all sorts of secrets along the way, meets a handsome young man named Edmund, learns more about her society, about how the two different gods fit into that society, and most of all, she learns about the power that she herself has been given as a human being.

The world building in this series is absolutely fantastic. Every time I pick up a new installment, I feel like I’ve not only learned something new but like a whole new world has just been opened to me. Blue Amber is no exception. Although I knew mostly what to expect of the world given the previous two books, telling this story from the point of view of Mal who is very young compared to the characters in the previous books, but just old enough to be thrown into that world of the previous generation and start learning about “chalices” and “souls” and everything else here, was just genius. What I really loved most about this story was the idea that Mal wasn’t high born or well known enough to matter much in society. Some of the people openly despise her. And in a world where women set their own price for surrogacy (for this is what Mal is essentially going to Red City to be a part of), reputation matters. Not a good start for a young woman to get off to when she is only on her way to the city to be trained and not even close to setting prices yet. In this extremely confusing time for Mal, there is Edmund who befriends her and shows her that no matter what others say, as long as she matters to herself, she does indeed matter. What a wonderful coming of age moral to learn along the way!

I’m really impressed. I connected to these characters probably the most out of all three of the books. I planned to read Blue Amber over the course of a few days but once I got started I just could not put it down. I finished it in just a few hours and despite my enthusiasm, ended on a frowny note, because there wasn’t any more for me to read! If you haven’t read any of the Apocalypto series yet and love to read about smart, mature, women then I recommend you try them out. Don’t let the “paranormal romance” label fool you. The series is definitely easy to read like most PNR, but this is by no means “fluff” or a light stroll at the beach. They are adult and mature, with a little sexiness thrown in and a lot to think through about this world.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Recommended to: paranormal romance fans

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Blue Amber (Apocalypto 3, Part 1) - 0.99 (Amazon kindle)
Blue Amber (Apocalypto 3, Part 1)  - FREE (Smashwords) 

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