Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Update for Authors (& Some Opportunities for Cover Artists or Book Bloggers)

Well, it seems that after just over 6 months of blogging it’s finally time to tweak and update my book submission guidelines for authors! Thank you to all the wonderful authors who have offered me a copy of their book to review – either in ebook or paperback form. I've had a lovely array of books to choose from. My only regret is that I don't have the time to read them all!

Updated guidelines are as follows:

This seems to be the bulk of my review requests and I can see why – I review indie and small press books (which most often than not have an ebook version) and they are also the quickest, easiest way to get to me. However, I’m finding it difficult to read more than one ebook at a time. I am also finding that if I read a book on my Kindle for more than an hour or two I begin to get cramps in my arms. This is a serious issue for me because of problems I’ve had in the past with my arms. In addition to this, I am finding that I mainly do enjoy reading the novellas on my Kindle. So from now on, I will be mainly accepting only novellas in ebook format. I may also read short stories but depending on the amount of short story requests I may limit this just a bit.

Summary: Will accept novellas and short stories. Any outstanding reviews for full length books will be read but new requests will be very limited.

Paper Books
I will accept full length books as well as novellas and short story compilations in paperback/hardcover format. Please send me your name, your book title, genre, book summary, and any links that you have which may help me determine if it is the right fit for me. Please make sure to specify that you are willing to send me a paperback copy.

Audio Books
I do not accept audio books at this time.

Genres I will usually accept include:
Fantasy (includes urban and paranormal)
Young Adult
Contemporary Fiction
Cozy mysteries
Nonfiction humour, celebrity/socialite biography, and fun memoirs
Dystopian and steampunk sci-fi
Christian Horror/Thriller/Paranormal

Opportunities for authors to appear on my blog (in addition to reviews):
- Giveaways
- Blog tours
- Interviews
- Flash fiction
- Submit an excerpt from your book to be posted along with your book’s publishing info
-Guest Posts on a topic of your choosing

I would also like to do something a little different and provide opportunities for cover artists/designers to appear on my blog with:
- A short interview and sampling of your work
- Guest post on a topic of your choosing

Opportunities for Book Bloggers:
Would you like to appear on my blog? I am offering a couple opportunities for you as well. The only requirement is that you read indie, small press, or little known (books with fewer than 100 ratings) books. Any genre is fine. Available to you:
 - A short interview
- Guest reviews

Please contact me via email:
erikadlugo@ yahoo DOTcom

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