Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Introducing...The Children's Corner

Since I have been reading a lot to my daughter lately I have been wanting to explore more different kinds of books for children (if you've ever looked after a book-obsessed child for more than an hour you probably know just how important a wide variety of reads to your own sanity is). So I've come up with this idea of The Children's Corner. Rather than just throwing a children's book review into the mix every once in a while I'm going to run it a bit more like a newsletter format.

So once I get this section started I'm hoping to have enough material to post once weekly - on Wednesdays. This post would then include short book reviews, author interviews, guest posts, and the like. Easy to find, and hopefully one big informative post!

Here's my pitch to you children's book authors out there.

First of all, I'm looking at the authors who write mainly for children 5 and under - picture books, board books, audiobooks, short little novels, anything goes as long as it's for children under 5 and it's a book.

You can be indie, small press, large press, doesn't matter (but if you could, let me know so maybe I could communicate that to my readers who may have a preference when it comes to children's books).

I am looking for you to participate in my blog (and in turn get your name out there as well) in any of the following ways:


* You can send me your book for me to review

* I can send you some interview questions to answer

* Write a guest post about why you chose to write for children or why you choose to write on the topics you do


* Do you have a video trailer? I'd love to include it in a post. You can send me to a page where I can get the embed code to do just that. Want me to add it to my YouTube channel to possibly expand the amount of ways people find it? I can do that too, just give me a short letter of permission and send me the file through a file sharing site such as SendSpace. (This applies to any video-related idea I have below as well).

* Do a storytime video - record yourself reading your book to the camera so we can see what it's all about. Camera shy? You can let me have a try as long as I can a hold of the book and you send me a permission to post it up (because of copyright laws).

* Just talk to the children! Tell them something about yourself or your book or give them some lovely advice about growing up!


* Write a letter to the children about why they are so special, give them advice about growing up, etc

* Write a cute little poem for the parents to read to the children

* Draw a cute or funny picture

* Let me post up one of the illustrations/pages from your book (with permissions, of course!)


* Just email me and tell me how you'd like to participate in The Children's Corner (make sure you include "The Children's Corner" in the subject line).


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