Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Glitch

Just a note. Blogger's system went down from Wednesday afternoon until Friday (today). They found that they had to remove all posts (including comments) from Wednesday. So if you notice a missing post or two or that your comment is gone, please remember that this wasn't done on purpose on my part. Feel free to re-post your comment.

For the rest of the day, I'll be re-writing a review which I had saved to blogger and *thought* I had saved to Word (but found the book description there instead *sigh*). I may not get it up until tomorrow. Sorry about that. I am trying not to pull my hair out though and don't want to review anything while in a sour mood.

Edit: The Good News - Blogger gave me back my last post and the draft of my review (so I don't have to do a rewrite anymore). The Bad News - Comments are still missing.


  1. Hi Erika, you left a comment/question on one of my blog posts the other day but then Blogger ate your comment. I got the email when you commented though so I thought I'd just answer back on your blog!

    For the upcoming Dystopian Tour signing, you don't need to buy a ticket nor do you need to buy another copy there. I would arrive at least an hour early (the last couple I've attended, I've gone about 2 hours so I can get a seat just in case). You can just bring along the books you've already bought and a camera so you can take pics! I'll be at the Yorkdale event but I hope you have tons of fun at the Brampton one! :)

  2. @Midnight Bloom - Thank you so much. I feel better now. Also, so glad you got an email notification. When all the posts and comments got eaten I was sitting there wondering if I should make another comment or not. Glad it worked out!


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