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Book Review: Textual Healing by Eric Smith

Publishing Information:
Title – Textual Healing
Author – Eric Smith
Publisher - AuthorHouse
Date Published - 2010
# of pages - 280

Genres &Themes: Fiction, Humour, Contemporary, Relationships, Coming to terms with things, Writers and writing, Book shops, Romance

GoodReads – 53 Ratings, 4.09 Average Rating – 21 Ratings, 4.25 Average Rating

My Rating: 4/5

Plot Summary:

Few people have to deal with a haiku-speaking flower-shop-owning ninja every day on their way to work. Unfortunately for Andrew Connor, he is one of those people.

And poor Andrew, his week has been a rough one. His former bestseller, Chasing Fireflies, is on clearance at Barnes & Noble for $1.37, his girlfriend left him for a corporate America action figure, and he's been tricked into joining Textual Healing, a support group for writers who can't seem to write anymore.

Dealing with his employees at his failing used bookshop, a strange new love interest from the Midwest, and a pet sugar-glider that has somehow managed to destroy his entire apartment... when will he ever find the time to put pen to paper again?

A quirky comedy set in present day New York and New Jersey, Textual Healing follows the story of Andrew, a self-deprecating, once famous author, his small bookstore in Hoboken, and the colorful characters that surround him.

What I thought:

Do you want to laugh? Have a blast? Meet some great people? Take a stroll through a wacky, wild, and sometimes heartwarming adventure? Then may I suggest you take a look at Textual Healing?

Textual Healing had me from page one. Here we find the protaganist Andrew, who we'll come to know as "Ace", a former bestselling author with a movie deal to show for it being dumped by his long-term girlfriend who is fed up with his lack of motivation to write anything else. If this wasn't bad enough, Ace is also hit with the realization that she's already seeing someone, he's being roped into showing a back-packing girl around town (who he immediately falls in love with), has to deal with his crazy and OCD employee, a ninja for his book-store neighbor, and to top it all off there are people who keep proclaiming "I thought you were dead!" and his book is now on clearance in the bargain section of the same store he once gave a packed reading for.

Sounds like a lot happening right? Well, think of it this way. This book reminded me a lot of the tv show Seinfeld. Seinfeld was always marketed as a show about nothing. And yet it was about everything - work, friends, love gained, love lost, all the crazy people you meet in life's encounters, all the insane situations that develop out of what would normally be the most forgettable moments, and then, just trying to make it in the world. And in the end of an episode, the thing you get out of it is...of course all the laughs...but also, that life isn't really about "nothing" even though it seems that way sometimes. There are themes running through life trying to make themselves stick. Sometimes succeeding and sometimes not. Well, this book is like that. It's a book about everything, about nothing, and yet it's a book about one guy named Ace trying to make it in the world, trying to find love, and everything else in between.

And it's a book that is absolutely hilarious. It had me laughing at every turn of the page. I really can not explain how happy that makes me. It was unexpected and greatly appreciated. Although I did acquire a few strange looks from certain unnamed family members while reading. The only thing I would I would fault it for is feeling a bit too crude at times. Probably one of the funniest laugh-out-loud novels I'll read for a long time to come.

Disclaimer:  I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Recommended to: Humour fans, bibliophiles, people who love quirky characters

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