Monday, May 9, 2011

Introducing...Highlights From Waterloo Region

Hi everybody! This is my introduction (and future archives page) to another new section of the blog I will be working on. Read all about it below:

Highlights from Waterloo Region will be a sort of form of Literary Locals (created but no longer hosted by Tif from Tif Talks Books). The idea behind Literary Locals is to highlight books from your own community. My version includes books from the region I currently reside in (Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge, the adjoining communities, and I am including Guelph in there as well) but I will also be highlighlighting other aspects of reading (and writing) as well as general community lifestyle highlights. So, to clarify what will be here I'll make a list of what I'm planning on writing about (this list is not exhausted):
  • Book and author highlights (including guest posts, excerpts, and interviews from the authors when they have agreed to do so)
  • Bloggers (Book bloggers as well as other types of bloggers are welcome to do an interview, guest post, or be featured along with a community lifestyle photo project submission - see below)
  • Library highlights (branches, programs, and *maybe* some posts about the workers there!)
  •  Bookstores and book signings
  •  Community readers - what readers have to here's hoping they'll help out with the community lifestyle photo project I have planned (see below)
  • Publishers in the area
  • Events (including the annual Word on the Street festival)

Community Lifestyle Photo Project

As part of the Highlights from Waterloo Region section of the blog I would very much like to share with the world how we all live here. Afterall, we do not read or write in a vacuum. We are affected by all of our surroundings and the people in our lives.

How to get involved: If you are a resident of Waterloo Region (current or former) and you have 5 pictures from around the city (it could be anything - buildings, streets, parks, food, or actual events) to send to me so that I can post them up on the blog, I would very much appreciate the help
There are only 2 rules:
1. When you send the photos to me, write up a sentence or two stating they are your work and you are giving me permission to post them on the blog.
2. Do not send me pictures where people's faces (people you do not know and cannot obtain permission to post) are easily reconizable with the exception of events such as concerts (band members) or other such events.

The main goal of me creating this section of the blog is to create a list of authors and books that were either written by members in the community or where the main setting is in Waterloo Region. At the time I am writing this there is no such archival list available to the general public.

The goal is that this would be a great resource to the community while at the same as I post about regional books on a regular basis, the world community of readers will also be able to learn about the books we have to offer.

Highlights from Waterloo Region will be appearing on Mondays when there is material available. Be on the lookout for future posts!

If you are interested in becoming involved in this project (if you are an author, blogger, bookstore, publisher, community member, etc) you can contact me at

An archive of highlights will appear below.

F = Fiction
NF = Non Fiction
I = Interview
E = Excerpt
YA = Young Adult

Adomait, Evie. Cocktail Party Economics NF

Etienne, Doris. The Jewels of Sophia Tate. F I E YA


Workaday Reads (Includes "About Waterloo Region, a guest post from Sarah of Workaday Reads")

Community Lifestyle Photo Project: 

Everything Else:

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