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Guest Post and Press Release: Books in Episodes - Jaime Vendera from 711 Press Explains It All

About a week ago I was contacted by Jaime Vendera from Vendera Publishing and 711 Press asking if I'd like to review some books which were about to be released. They are short books in a series and are being released in "episodes" just like a tv show. I thought this idea was very unique. I wanted to learn more about it and give Jaime a chance to explain in his own words to everyone a little bit about how this idea came to be. Luckily, he agreed! So here is Jaime to explain...


I've been a singer all my life, so I've always studied any material I
could get my hands on. I remember watching a singing video in 1994 and
thinking to myself that I could create a singing video or write a book.
I dropped the idea, but rekindled the thought in January 2000 when the
writing urge struck again. So, I went through a 3 1/2 year struggle to
write my first book, Raise Your Voice. Since that time I have
developed a methodology to write books quicker, better, and in a more
efficient manner. In fact, I've written a 128-page book in three days:)
Heck of a lot quicker than my first book, haha. I've continued writing
"how-to" type books on singing, breathing, teaching, self-publishing,
and developing a creative mindset. I love writing and always wanted to
write fiction. I used to write fiction stories in my younger years. But
now, my busy schedule of teaching voice, shattering glass with my voice
on television shows  (Yes, I am the MythBusters guy) and writing
instructional books leaves little time for writing fiction.

I needed some work done on my books to spruce up the design, so I came
across a great company called Scribe Freelance which was suggested by my
printing company, Lightning Source. Scribe Freelance owner, Daniel
Middleton, specializes in interior book design, cover design, kindle
conversions, etc. Daniel, like me, loves to write, but is so busy that
he has little time to devote to writing. We've became great friends over
the past 4+ years, so we discussed our passions. That's when we came up
with the idea for Movies in Book Form(TM), which are short, easy to read
books, that can be read in the same amount of time it takes to watch a
movie. We expanded one step farther and created TV shows in book
form(TM), allowing an author to write a series of small novellas that
function as "episodes" (sometimes called "bookisodes") that could be
read in less than an hour. We brainstormed the idea for several years
and developed a strict set of rules that each of our Movie & TV books
must follow. With that said, it didn't solve our time issue. We were
both still too busy to write. Since we were going to push "Movies & TV
in Book Form,"(TM) we thought, "hey, instead of writing, why don't we
function as producers and oversee each author's works?" That's how 711
Press was born. We officially launched this month.

On 711 Press, you will see we've already listed several authors. Part of
our formula, honestly is a very strict guideline not only to writing the
books, but picking authors as well. We do not except submissions, we
seek out our authors with our checklist of rules. If we find writers who
meet every rule on the list, we contact them to discuss signing them.
Since we've just launched, we have been working with our first signed
authors, James LaFleur and Gordon Massie, two longtime friends who write
just about everything together. They have written three movie books for
us, collectively called The Crisis Trilogy, which features The Crisis
Artifact, The Chaos Pendulum and The Catastrophe Scroll. The first
book is out, and has been since February, as we did a soft launch. The
second book launches June 24th. The Crisis Trilogy is an
action-adventure series in the vein of Indiana Jones/Tomb
Raider/Lost/Last Air Bender, which focuses on one man who is given the
chance to save or destroy the world through the gift of all knowledge
and control of elemental power. The trilogy comes to life before your
eyes with intense action featured throughout.

James and Gordon are also the creators of our first TV book series, The
Order of 5IVE, which is a spin-off of a group of characters mentioned
in The Chaos Pendulum. The TV series has 13 episodes, with one book
releasing every week through the summer. 5IVE is essentially about
five teens with out of this world powers who live underground in the
remodeled/abandoned NY Subway, working for the government solving
extraordinary cold cases. The series is a cross between X-Files and
X-Men First Class.

711 Press has other titles coming out very soon, including a James
Bond/Jason Bourne type series called Kill Factor, as well as books in
the Fantasy, YA, Horror, and Sci-Fi genres, among many others. Two more
TV book series are scheduled for this year, and they are similar to
shows like Sopranos and Battlestar Galactica. They are
entitled Mafiosi and Phoenix Earth.

All current and upcoming book covers can be seen on :)

God Bless,

Jaime Vendera

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