Thursday, June 16, 2011

Product Review: Paperback Book Cover (Pastel Flowers) from QuiltSewCover

I recently purchased a fabric book cover from an etsy store called QuiltSewCover and wanted to share my thoughts on this indie made, book related item. The cover is very beautiful and my overall experience with the seller was amazing. I hope you will check out this store and add her to your favourites or consider buying a cover or two from her.

The book cover in question


Packaging & Shipping
The cover came in a thick envelope and was placed inside a releaseable cello bag. Also inside was the order summary and a business card.

The order came extremely fast. Between ordering and receiving it was less than a week's time.This is one of the fastest shipping times I have had from an etsy order. Generally orders take between 2 and 3 weeks to arrive at my house.

This is a very beautiful fabric. I chose it because it was different than the fabrics I generally see around and at the same time it's not so different that it's distracting. As a book lover, I tend to see book covers as a work of art but sometimes they can be distracting as I keep closing the book to look at the pretty design. This cover is pretty and will be nice to look at when I am not reading the book but I don't believe it have me closing my book just to look at it.

Besides the fabric design, the design of the book cover itself is very nice. It is exactly what I expect a book cover to be - one flap on each side to hold the front and back covers in place. Yet it has some extra touches. For example, there is a fabric "QuiltSewCover" label sewn into the back flap and there is a fabric bookmark that matches the cover sewn into it as well and is even cut in a nice zig zag pattern. Other extra touches are the contrasting fabric for the inside and an embroidered zig zag design down the spine of the cover that matches the bookmark.

The outside of the cover

The cover is very well made. It is very thick fabric with lining on the inside that gives it extra durability. It looks like it is professionally sewn and I can't find any spots or flaws with the sewing except maybe that the edges of the attached bookmark are cut rather than sewn or serged (but I must admit, this looks much nicer than either of those two options would). The cover was also sprayed with scotch-guarding (provided free of charge at my request) for extra durability.

Inside lining, flaps, and bookmark

The thickness of the two fabrics together

To me, this cover is very useful. It holds the book well and the fabric is stiff enough that it doesn't move around while holding it. I can keep my current read safe from damaged (my main reason for the purchase) and I can carry it around the house or in my bag with less worry. It will also keep my little girl's impressionable eyes from seeing things she shouldn't in those rare cases that I read a vampire book with blood all over it or other implied violence. It also keeps her from being interested in books with colours that she likes and keeps her from trying to grab at them (my secondary reason for the purchase). So I would say that in that regard it is quite a success.However, I have never read a book before using a book cover and in this sense it's a bit hard to get used to. I am used to holding paper in my hands, not fabric, and that feeling at the moment is a tad bit distracting.

Topside view

All of the covers in the QuiltSewCover store look wonderful and besides book covers in various sizes, she also sells check book covers, journal covers, key fab wristlets, and stocks them well. This is a store I will be coming back to in the future.

Packaging - 8/10
Design - 8.5/10
Durability - 9/10
Usefulness - 9/10
Overall - 8.6

QuiltSewCover on etsy
Store location: Arizona
Shipping locations: United States, Canada, Everywhere else 
*Disclaimer: I purchased the cover myself. No review was requested by the seller.


  1. Thanks for the comment Sarah. I hope you check out Quilt Sew Cover on etsy!


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