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Review: Social Comedia: Twitter Jokes and Silly Pictures by Dartanion London

Publishing Information:
Title – Social Comedia: Twitter Jokes and Silly Pictures
Author – Dartanion London
Publisher – Perfunctory Press
Date Published - 2011
# of pages - 119

Genres & Themes: Nonfiction, Humour, Social Media

GoodReads – 2 Ratings, 3.0 Average Rating – 5 Reviews, 4.25 Average Rating

My Rating: 3/5

Plot Summary:
Why read a book with a ton of words and no pictures? This one is the opposite! Social Comedia is a compilation of comedian Dartanion London's best jokes and quips culled from his social media outlets. Adorned with ridiculous pictures taken from his travels across the USA, this smorgasbord of wit is a glimpse into the future of comedy. Includes a Foreword by The Internet.


*Every joke is told in 140 characters or less.

What I thought:

Well…This book was indeed silly. I have to give it that. The pictures especially, but the jokes as well. Sometimes this was silly in a “yeah…that IS funny” kind of way but then sometimes it was silly in an “I don’t get it” kind of way. I still have no idea who or what McLovin’ is… (kinda sad since one of the jokes was about someone who didn’t get that joke either). But anyways, I did find this book funny. I like the kind of observational hunour that Dartanion London has going on here and even though I didn’t get all of the jokes, I did find myself laughing at the silliness at almost every turn of the page. So I’m a little on the fence here but more on the side of the fence that has cheerful, happy bunnies painted over it.

Some of the jokes I liked were:
“Overheard in the drive thru window: ‘Now you know how to clean bathrooms THE BURGER KING WAY!’ Remind me never to complain about my life.”

“One thing I like to post on the internet is ‘First!’ way down in the comments list.”

“My dad just justified carrying bagless jellybeans in his pocket by talking about how new his jacket was.”

And more…

This book is definitely for those young at heart and for those who can see the silver lining in the absurdities of life.  It would make a great gift for those who “have everything” as well. At the risk of having the author roll over in his future grave, I have to say, I think it would make a great stocking stuffer. Or for that uncle who is always telling absurdities at the family gathering dinner table. But given the format, that of being “twitter jokes”, maybe it would be better for the younger generation. Well…I can’t decide.  Just go an check it out for yourself and see if it’s your kind of humour too. And if you think it’s just the right thing for someone else you know, maybe the stocking stuffer idea will work?

Anyways, my two cents: I liked it! It’s a book I might pick up in the store for myself or someone else I know and keep around for a laugh or two every once in a while. But I do wonder, to save a few bucks, might it not just be better to follow the author on twitter? At least, this might be an option for those of you who want to get to know how funny Dartanion is before committing to the purchase.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

Recommended to: Humourists, the young at heart, optimists, funny bones

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