Thursday, August 25, 2011

Book Review: My Pictures, My Words by Mac Kenney

Publishing Information:
Title – My Pictures, My Words
Author – Mac Kenney
Publisher – Outskirts Press
Date Published - 2011
# of pages - 46

Genres & Themes: Poetry, Photography, Nature, Faith, Love

GoodReads – 3 Ratings, 4.67 Average Rating – 8 Ratings, ~4.25 Average Rating

My Rating:


A Unique Book that Captures the Full Beauty of Nature and the Human Spirit. Stirring images and piercing poetry come together in this gorgeous collection from the multitalented Mac Kenney. Here are vibrant color photographs that evoke the full range of human emotions, set against powerful verses on love, life, and the beauty that surrounds us. Ponder the mysteries of existence from a single lonely bench; reflect on what really matters as the sun drops beneath a brilliant red horizon; and examine the incredible diversity of life on our planet as you gaze on nature's wonders. Those images gain even more meaning as you read Kenney's memorable poems that urge a greater appreciation of our short time on earth. That's the message of the poem "Life," which reminds us of the dangers of settling for a "9-5" existence and the incredible reward of being bolder. "So Little Time" is about taking advantage of our brief appearance and our ability to take control of it. "You Are Here, Where Am I" is about accepting the love that's out there waiting for us. And that's just for starters.  Add some humor and patriotism and you have a truly wonderful book.  Perfect for reading in sequence or in bits and pieces as you need them, My Pictures, My Words is the kind of book you'll return to again and again to receive the most important kind of nourishment-food for the soul.


* A combination of poetry and photography

What I thought:

I pretty much adore this book to pieces. I keep coming back to it and reading it over and over. I finally decided it might be a good idea to share my opinion because if I was to wait for me to be “done” with it, that would just happen. Even my two year old daughter is enthralled by it. She keeps stealing it away from me to look through the photos.

So why do I love this book so much? Well, the photos are just so awe-inspiring. Every photo is a scene of nature. Something to really appreciate. The photography is spectacular. If only I could possess a little bit of Mac Kenney’s talent, I would be so happy. However, each photo also contains a poem. The poetry is very spiritual and uplifting. It deals with things all of us can relate to in life like romantic love, parents, problems, faith, etc. I just think…this book is something special. It makes me feel special just by reading it. At the same time the poetry compliments the photos and everything comes together so nicely.

For me, it’s perfect!

Please go and read this book if you have a chance.

Disclaimer: Free copy from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

Recommended to: Poetry and photography lovers, Christian readers

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  1. If the cover photo is an indication of the pictures inside, I can see why you would keep coming back to this -- what a gorgeous shot :)


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