Saturday, September 3, 2011

Book Trailer + Free eBook: Melody and the Pier to Forever by Shawn Michel de Montaigne

Today I have a special treat for everyone. Author Shawn Michel de Montaigne has decided to share his coupon code for a FREE copy of Melody and the Pier to Forever right here on 100 Stars Or Less! There is no "giveaway" entry like I normally have. Instead, he has chosen to share a free book with everyone who wants one!

Please read the summary and watch this beautiful trailer then go ahead and claim your book from Smashwords.

Melody and the Pier to Forever: Book One

“Did you ever think how ‘radical’ it would be if this Pier didn’t stop here, but just kept going on and on, connecting lands, kingdoms … whole worlds?”

Melody was surprised by the question. She didn’t know how to respond—and it seemed, oddly enough, that Mr. Conor wasn’t just playing at pretending here, but something deeper, something real…. She peered out over the water and tried visualizing … an infinite pier stretching over the silent, vibrant depths, a pier connecting lands as distant as China thousands of miles away … a pier that continued, on and on, over alien, uncharted waters, ancient lands, lost empires, forgotten peoples…. But then her analytical mind, always naggingly present, it seemed, barged in, and she replied, “An infinite pier? The wooden supports would have to be seven miles long to reach the bottom of the ocean in the deepest places … whoa….”

And then she thought some more and added, “But it wouldn’t be an infinite pier—eventually it’d just circle back around behind us….”

He turned his head now and watched her. “Radical,” he said, smiling.


From the strings of an indestructible violin comes a compelling melody, one that will inspire a deep and moving friendship; and one that will set two powerful enemies on an explosive collision course that will ultimately determine the fate of two worlds.

And in the middle of that collision course is an unassuming thirteen-year-old girl who’s just trying to pass her algebra class ...


Coupon code

You can get your free download of this book from Smashwords by using the coupon code

Available until September 30th, 2011

Shawn Michel de Montaigne

I began writing stories when I was six years old. In eighth grade my English teacher, Mrs. Borden, read one of my science fiction short stories to the entire class, to my enduring and nearly terminal embarrassment (I never really got over it). At nineteen, while sitting at work in a tiny gas-station booth, I started my first novel, having been inspired by Terry Brooks' The Sword of Shannara. It was a fantasy work that never saw the light of day (thank God), and one that nearly convinced me to quit writing completely and forever. After many stops and starts, I have endeavored to persevere with this story until the hell freezes over.

I live, for now, in San Diego, California. 


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