Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Some Fun Blog Hops

I found this blog hop a few days ago. 17 authors participated to create a choose your own adventure story on the blogosphere. If you have some time, hop through your own adventure:

The adventure starts over at Kerri Cuevas' blog, a paranormal romance and urban fantasy writer.

Here's another hop I found:

This hop was created by Of Thoughts and Words to promote new authors. The participants are mainly authors so far but you can also sign up if you are a book lover who wants to promote some much loved new authors! Giveaways are encouraged but not required. The idea is just to get the word out about your books.

Authors, if want to participate you can either sign your own blog up or contact me and we can work out some way for you to be part of my own post.

Here's some more info:

For authors: Provide details/summary of your book, places where your book can be purchased, review(s) etc. Giveaway is not mandatory but is highly encouraged. J
For book lovers: If you have read a debut novel and loved it, help the author by sharing it with us. Write a substantial review and where the book can be found. A book giveaway is not mandatory but again, it is highly encouraged. Nothing draws a big crowd like a fun book giveaway! J

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