Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Children's Corner: Picture Book Review: A Witches' Thanksgiving by Laurie Ezpeleta

A Witches' Thanksgiving: A Post Halloween Tale
Words by Laurie Ezpeleta 
Illustrated by Anca Delia Budeanu
Published by CreateSpace
Published in 2011
32 Pages
Ages 3-8

A Witches' Thanksgiving is a delightfully spooky poem about the witch, Grizelda, and her friends. After a howling good Halloween the three witches turn their efforts towards hosting a Thanksgiving feast. Kids of all ages will delight in the gathering and preparing of the Thanksgiving menu filled with all the creepies and crawlies one might expect from witches. The arrival of guests and the feast itself provides a heartwarming reminder of the value of friendship.

A line or two: 
They grabbed for their food.
And gobbled it whole.
The ate with their hands
And talked with mouths full.

No witch has manners,
As everyone knows.
They do as they please,
So anything goes! 

My Thoughts:

What happens when Halloween is over and all the children are forced to put away their costumes? Scary stories dwindle. The candy is excellent, but they still want more? Laurie Ezpeleta has written a book for children that not only prepares them for Halloween's end but also gets them ready for Thanksgiving. 

In A Witches' Thanksgiving: A Post Halloween Tale, a group of witches say good bye to their fun night of scaring children, tell us all about what they are thankful for, and prepare a most foul meal for their friends. The book is scary enough to please older children yet tame enough to be read to a younger audience. The pictures are really fun and although these are the ugly green, purple, and yellow witches with wobbly noses and eye patches the witches still have a friendly, happy feeling to them. They are grateful to be with friends and share in the magic of Thanksgiving. The thing I liked most about it was the message it sends to children beyond giving them a little post-Halloween fun. That even those who are different than us enjoy being included in the holidays. And even more so, that we all are thankful for different sorts of things and should feel free to celebrate that in any way we wish.

My one concern is that as a Canadian this book would be confusing to children - we have our Thanksgiving before Halloween, not after as Americans do. However, I found that it was just as fun to reflect on what could have been and remind my little girl about the Thanksgiving meal we already had. 

The book was creative and fun and feel like children will really enjoy getting the chance to have Halloween flow into Thanksgiving, not having to push aside the costumes and scary monsters quite yet.

Disclaimer: I received a free e-copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

My rating: 4/5

You can purchase A Witches' Thanksgiving in paperback from Amazon.

You can also see A Witches' Thanksgiving on Goodreads to read more reviews or add it to your list.

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