Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Goodreads Reading Challenge Wrap-Up

2011 Reading Challenge

2011 Reading Challenge

Erika has

completed her goal of reading 104 books in 2011!


At the beginning of the year I joined Goodreads' 2011 Reading Challenge. I thought I'd share my accomplishments with you all today.

What it is: The challenge is to read a certain amount of books throughout the year (you can set your own # of books). The widget is placed on your Goodreads profile which includes your progress, so friends can click on the link and see what you've read towards your goal. Every entry with a "read date" listed gets put toward your reading challenge progress.

My goal: I decided to go with 104, 2 for every week of the year.

What I accomplised: I read a total of 135 books, far surpassing my goal! Now, lots of those books are short. Some of them are children's books and some of them are manga, short stories or novellas. But then, I deliberately put what I thought would be a higher goal because I knew I would be counting those, so I still feel awesome about this :)

You can see everything I've read in 2011 by clicking on the widget above (it should take you to my reading challenge page on Goodreads).

Next year, I plan to review more children's books here and I have really fallen in love with novels-in-verse and novellas. I'll be setting my goal to 175 books.

Did anyone else join in the challenge? What were your goals, and did you meet them? Are you joining again in 2012?

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