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Guest Post with Benjamin Andrews: The Royalty of the Land (Rift of Askrah)

Today we have back with us author Benjamin Andrews. Yesterday Benjamin shared an interview with us. I've asked him to come back and share a little bit more about the world he created in Rift of Askrah. We will be learning more about the royalty in the book and the world building process.

Guest Post: The Royalty of the Land (Rift of Askrah)

Across the world containing the story of the Rift of Askrah series, there are many types of ruling parties. Many nations are ruled by the standard royalty we know in real life, a King and Queen. There are other types of ruling bodies though, including setups similar to the Senate of the U.S., tribal, and city by city.

The main character, Nihlen, comes from the standard monarchy type. He is a Prince, next in line for the throne. Writing his interactions with some of these different types of ruling bodies is quite interesting. Even more so because his royal status is questionable after his country is invaded and taken over early in the first book. Nihlen must not only deal with his problems, but come to terms with his current status in the world as just another person.

As this series continues, the differences in the types of rulers will come more and more into play. Physical might alone won't be enough to accomplish Nihlen's goals, and there will be more interactions between him and these foreign ruling bodies, as he tries to establish alliances. Working with the intricacies of politics can be just like writing fight scenes, only they are verbal battles. The working of one mind against another, using customs, traditions, policies, and words to vanquish the enemy, or gain the upper hand.

One of Nihlen's main enemies is also royalty. That adds a certain aspect to the trials faced by the heroes. His resources are greater, and he has taken possession of Nihlen's kingdom, adding its power to his own. This also means the problem represented by the enemy is on a global scale. Dealing with such things requires Nihlen to forge powerful relationships with other nations, in the name of saving his homeland and deposing a dangerous ruler.

Having a main character who is royalty adds certain aspects to the story, especially when it is full of interactions with other high profile leaders of the world. To keep it authentic, as readers would expect of royalty, considerations must be taken. As long as they are sculpted right though, they can add a deeper mental element to the story, making it more than fighting the enemy.

Book Summary:

What seems to be true on the surface is rarely the truth. Nihlen Draven, First Prince and heir to the throne of the nation of Draven, has lived with undeniable truths his entire life. In an instant though, all those truths are shattered. After being kidnapped, and his kingdom subjugated by the neighboring nation of Rinh, Nihlen's life begins to spiral out of control. Thrust into a world he thought he understood, Nihlen must fight for his very life, and the fate of his kingdom. Every day becomes a battle for survival as he tries to understand the unimaginable changes taking place all around him. The age is turning, and that age centers around him. The forgotten past of a land called Askrah is slowly enveloping the world, threatening the safety and lives of people all around the world. With comrades he finds along the way, including some of his kidnappers, Nihlen must begin to unwind the mystery surrounding his kingdom. In time he will discover saving his kingdom is only the beginning. With danger around every turn, and enemies seeking his death nipping at his heels, Nihlen and his comrades must do everything they can to stay a step ahead, and survive long enough to find the answers they seek in this first installment of the Rift of Askrah series.

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Author Bio:

My name is Benjamin Andrews. I'm 22 years old, and was born in Idaho. These days I live in Oregon, and enjoy it here quite a lot. I've wanted to be a writer since a young age, and finally living that dream feels incredible. Like most writers, I'm also a bookworm, and love reading. When I'm not reading or writing, I enjoy playing video games, snowboarding, traveling, and relaxing. I also have an Associate's Degree in Pharmacy Technology, and plan to return to school and pursue other subjects. Some of my current writing ventures include a blog about writing and publishing, and the second book in the Rift of Askrah series.

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