Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Qooq: Move over traditional paper cookbooks!

Move over tradtional paper cookbooks, and your current alternatives - the Kindle fire, iPad, and other ereaders. You're not wanted in the kitchen anymore!

Yesterday I was using my netbook, propped on top of the bread bin as my ereader for online recipes. This prompted my husband to let me know about the Qooq (which he just found out about). It's pronounced "cook" and is a new computer tablet for the kitchen. The screen is completely wipeable and spill-proof. Apparently even drop-proof. I am constantly getting my cookbooks dirty. Plus I've just about given up on printing my online recipe finds because I'm always losing them. A kindle screen has proved too small and I'm too paranoid to use it anyways (I was extremely careful with my netbook, putting it up high and dry, but I didn't quite like doing that either). I would like to be able to use and buy e-book recipe books (especially those very tempting indie cookbooks that the food blogs put out). It's not quite affordable ($399) and not even in the North American market yet but I am definitely keeping my eye out for this one (or an alternative) in the future. There may even be a recipe subscription program available with downloads similar to the Amazon Kindle.

This is the promotional video (warning: it's in French):

This is a video from from CES 2012 (in English):

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