Friday, February 3, 2012

(ebook) Short Story Review: The Snow Owl by Jon Hartling

 Publishing Info: 
Title - The Snow Owl
Author - Jon Hartling
Publisher - Jon and Heather Hartling
Date Published -  2011
# of pages - approx. 11 pages


Ben thinks his son’s talk of the magical kingdom of Lukana is just typical childhood imagination. But one winter day, when seven year-old Eric sculpts a snow owl in his backyard, he seems to set in motion events that cannot be anything but magical. Now Ben faces the terrifying prospect of losing his only child to a wintry spirit… a spirit that just might be the boy’s true father.


This is a very short tale but a wonderul one. Weaving elements of fantasy and horror together, this one really struck a chord with me. It seemed at first this was just a fairy-tale-esque story about a boy with an overactive imagination who builds a snow owl instead of a snow man and his father who wanted more than anything for his child's dreams to come true. But it became apparent that the author may have been trying to tell the readers something more - something about the loss of a loved one and how people find their own ways of dealing with the loss. Recommended, but I wish it were longer in spots. Like in the beginning where the plot seemed a bit rushed.

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