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Highlights from Waterloo Region: Archive

Highlights from Waterloo Region was created when I went looking for a list of books written by members of my own community - and found none. I asked my local public librarians and my answer was, they couldn't find one either. These books and authors were scattered across the internet and as far as we could tell no one had made a list to bring them all together. This inspired me to create my own list in the hopes that others would find it useful as well.

This feature includes books that were written by or set in the Waterloo Region of Ontario, Canada. This includes, but is not limited to:

* Cambridge
* Kitchener
* Waterloo
* St. Jacobs

You can find local books listed below by age:

Children (picture book):

Bird Child by Nan Forler
Winterberries and Appleblossoms by Nan Forler
BOOMer Rules by Frank Glew
Butterfly Wishes by Frank Glew
Christmas Mouse, The by Erick Traplin
Eggbert's Dragon Dream by Frank Glew
Feed the Good Wolf by Frank Glew
Going on a Lion Hunt by Jan G. Hansen
I Need a Hug by Frank Glew
Little Ladybug Earn's Her Spots by Frank Glew
Maybe Even Pigs by Judy Woodhouse
No More Empty Smiles by Jan G. Hansen
Samuel's Most Important Message by Frank Glew
Something Alive! by Judy Woodhouse
Something is Missing by Judy Woodhouse
That Chickadee Feeling by Frank Glew
When I Grow Up I Want to Be Just Like My Dog by Frank Glew
Woosh! There Goes My Heart by Frank Glew

Children (chapter book):

Jacob's Little Giant by Barbara Smucker

Children (nonfiction):

Invisible Worlds: Earth's Secrets by James Bow (Gr 4+)
Sing, Sing by Erick Traplin (book/cd sing-a-long kit)

Young Adult (fiction):

Jewels of Sophia Tate, The by Doris Etienne
Monad 12.21.12 by T. Anderson
Plain Kate by Erin Bow
Unwritten Books, The (Series) by James Bow
Amish Adventure by Barbara Smucker
Days of Terror by Barbara Smucker
Wake by Robert J. Sawyer

Young Adult (nonfiction):

Adult (fiction):

Aaron by Yves Theriault (translated by W. Donald Wilson and Paul G. Socken)
Eavy by Laura Scoggins
M.O.E. by Linda Blum
Vision, The by Linda Blum
Watermelon Syrup by Annie Jacobsen, Jane Finlay-Young, and Di Brandt

Adult (nonfiction):

Cocktail Party Economics by Eveline Adomat and Richard Maranta
Tricksters & Trancers by Mathias Guenther

Resource Books:

You can also find local blogs listed below:

365 K-W (Events)
Dragon's Kitchen (Recipes)
Living Fresh (Design)
Loud Lunch (Food)
One A Day Y.A. (Books)
Rooms in Bloom (Design/Real Estate)
Suddenly Books (Books)
The Crazy Bookworm (Books)
Workaday Reads (Books)

Extras: You can find local events, author interviews, excerpts, and more below:

Awards: Plain Kate by Erin Bow
Bloggers of WR: Sarah from Workaday Reads
Events: Nov 2011-March 2012
Interview and Excerpt with Doris Etienne, author of The Jewels of Sophia Tate
Interview with Eveline Adomait, co-author of Cocktail Party Economics
Word on the Street (Kitchener): 2011
Writer-in-Residence: Kenneth Oppel on the research behind Half Brother

Tips for people looking for local authors:

* Our local news program often features interviews as well as cooking segments with our local authors
* To find books set in your city you can try out


  1. I love your idea, and have a few for your list:

    The Jewels of Sofia Tate by Doris Etienne (YA fiction)
    Monad 12.21.12 by T. Anderson (YA fiction)
    Eavy by Laura Scoggins (Adult fiction - more like New Adult though)
    Cocktail Party Economics by Eveline Adomait and Richard Maranta (nonfiction)
    M.O.E. by Linda Blum (adult fiction)
    The Vision by Linda Blum (adult fiction)

    1. Oh, thank you! I haven't heard of about half of those. I think maybe what I should do is put them all on the list now and then link to them when I put them in the spotlight.


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