Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Book Review: Ten Healthy Teas by Valerie B. Lull

Publishing Info:

Title - Ten Healthy Teas

Author - Valerie B. Lull
Publisher - Outskirts Press
Date Published -  2012
# of pages - 52


Ten Healthy Teas introduces you to the wonderful world of tea, which has many natural health benefits as well as being a beloved part of social ritual, and a comforting way to take a moment for yourself in a busy day. The information and recipes in this book are designed for those who want to explore the world of tea, but who might not have a lot of time to invest. Simple, clear, engaging information provides you with the inspiration to take your own journey into the delights of tea. Whether you prefer traditional black tea or herbal infusions, Ten Healthy Teas is an indispensable guide to healthy, enjoyable tea-drinking.


Over the years my husband and I have aquired a healthy collection of cookbooks. We love to make something new every week and so we've found a great variety of cookbooks helpful and interesting. In all this time I have never seen a cookbook devoted to tea. Of course, I had to pick this book up and see what it was all about.

I sometimes have a weird reaction to tea, meaning where most people would get sleepy if they drink it at night-time, I end up staying up way into the night. So, I thought I might find a couple useful solutions here too. The book is short but it did have information at the beginning of each section that I found useful, healthwise. For example, did you know that green and black tea have the most caffeine in them? I didn't and I'll be avoiding those ones before I go to bed for sure. Also, I didn't know that cranberry could help with stomach aches or that it was the best tea to drink after a meal because it aids digestion. I found a lot of helpful things like that in this book.

As for the recipes, I found some I really liked. I haven't quite gotten up the courage to try out garlic tea, but maybe one day if I'm desperate enough for what ails me... I also found two wonderful iced teas and within a week I had to make three batches because my husband kept requesting more. There were only a few nitpicky things about it that bothered me. Some of the recipes I found were too simple. For example, just adding hot water to one type of tea. Others seemed like a waste for me unless I was either planning on drinking more than one cup (which would be unusual for me) or my husband wanted the same kind. Many of them required more than one cup of hot water.

Overall it was a wonderful book and I plan on using it many times in the future. As I said above, I also found some useful solutions to my problems and the health information will be useful in the future as well.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.
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