Tuesday, July 17, 2012

eBook Review: The Hand of Fate by L.B. Clark

Publishing Info:

Title - The Hand of Fate
Author - L.B. Clark
Publisher - L.B. Clark
Date Published -  2011
# of pages - 74


With her 30th birthday on the horizon and life handing her lemon after lemon, Dylan Connelly wants nothing more than to get away from it all for a few days. With her best friend and co-conspirator at her side, she embarks on a week-long cruise, intending to sit back, relax, soak up the sun and a few daiquiris, and just get away from the disaster her life has become. The last thing she expected – or wanted – was to become intrigued by a gorgeous stranger. But sometimes chance – or fate -- has a way of changing our plans.


The Hand of Fate is a cute little romance that takes place aboard a cruise ship. Dylan, the main character in the story and her best friend Elizabeth, or Em, as she sometimes goes by, meet and fall in love with two guys who happen to be rock stars. Of course they don't know this when the story starts and both struggle with the idea of a rock star for a boyfriend and the kind of lifestyle that goes along with that.

I would call this one a 'slice of life' because there is really nothing too dramatic going on in the story. There are a couple dares and a little consequence to that, but mainly, the group becomes great friends, has fun together on the ship, and gets to know each other a little bit.

I think anyone who has been on a cruise ship or a vacation away from home could appreciate the intense relationships that happen when a group of people are 'stuck' together for a period of time. My only problem was that I found Dylan a bit bland really. I had trouble connecting with her on a personal level. I did like Brian and I found the relationship between the two interesting, but I don't think this one will stick out in my mind in the long term. Otherwise, a quick, engaging read with a nice summer beachy feel.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.
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