Friday, July 27, 2012

Puppets, Puppets, Everywhere! (A library special)

This week my daughter and I were treated to a special show at the library called Puppets, Puppets, Everywhere! This was a 45 minute puppet show run by three of our public librarians (including the children's librarian at our branch library). We were lucky enough to get tickets on Monday when we went to return my husband's dvds. Someone had just returned two!

There were plenty of kids of all ages and my daughter had a blast (in fact, had to drag her out of the library literally kicking and screaming because she didn't want to leave).

The program featured a warm up song for the kids (shake your sillies out), two books read by the librarians, another song, and then another warm up song, then finally the puppet show. One of the books read was Puff the Magic Dragon which featured the dragon puppet at the end of it and the other was The Little Red Hen which featured four volunteers who got to use the hand puppets of the animals in the book. The last song was about fish (and two very colourful fish puppets were used).

As the puppet show started I realised that this was a form of storytelling too. I tend to think of storytelling as watching and imagining things for ourselves, but puppets are a wonderful way to introduce people to this form of art since there is still the visual cue of the characters in the story.

So of course the puppet show was all about a royal family. The prince is told to go on a quest by the king and when their new evil stepmother turns the princess into a dragon he's told to hunt it down (unbeknownst to everyone that the dragon is really the princess). In order to break the curse, the princess has to convince a prince to kiss her, and guess what? She is a very clever one. She just gets her brother to do it, although with a bit of convincing! I loved the little twist to the story...hey, who said the kiss had to be that kind of kiss anyways? It certainly played to the audience's expectations for the element of surprise :)

We had a great time at our first "special" event at the library and the librarians did a wonderful job. At the end of the program, they even let my daughter take a picture with the dragon. Thank you KPL!!!

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