Monday, September 10, 2012

Family Library: New Additions

I posted recently that I wanted to start a family library, a collection of books for my whole family that was more a collection and less...randomness.

Last weekend my husband took an extra day off work and one of the things we did was go to Value Village. I get a lot of good books there at great prices. It's really amazing what huge variety my store has. It would be nice to buy all my books new but I know that's not realistic and since we plan on actually using these and not just putting them on display what wear and tear they have at the moment doesn't bother me at all.

These are the things we picked up. The cookbooks were about $4 each and everything else came up under $20. An amazing deal considering there are more than 20 books here!

Little Golden Books

I picked out 10 of the Little Golden Books. I'll be looking out for these and when my daughter goes to school next year they'll be a special gift for her that we can read through together. I would really love to have her entire shelf filled with them by then. Not sure if that's going to happen, but I've made a start here.

Special Edition/Illustrated Classic

Robin Hood. This is a really beautiful copy with colour artwork and sketches. The very top of the pages are coloured green and the spine is leatherbound.

Newbery Medals and Honours

There are 8 books here but two of these aren't Newbery's. I saw the sequel Brian's Hunt and wanted to have it next to Hatchet on my shelves. Incredibly excited to find three Gary Paulsen books there as he was one of my favourite authors in grade school. Esperanza Rising, as it turns out isn't a Newbery (I wasn't looking closely at the medal when I bought and learn) but another kind of medal winner. Considering it was on my radar anyways I didn't mind ending up with it. I now have more than 30 Newbery books! Time to make myself a tracker for them all.


My husband found the complete set of "Can't Cook" books - The Guy Can't Cook and The Girl Can't Cook. He also found the Greek cookbook which I'm super excited about. We've already made a recipe from each of the "Can't Cook" books and both were awesome!

While there I also let my daughter pick out a couple books all by herself (with no help or prodding from me) and was surprised to find her choices were completely her. A Thomas the Engine book, a Bob the Builder book, and a great big colourful Little Mermaid (she's never seen that movie but she does like vibrant colours and there are lots of sea animals to look at).

We had a fun time picking these out and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens over the next year!

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