Saturday, September 1, 2012

Highlights from Waterloo Region: Spotlight on Adult Fiction

This feature was created in order to spotlight books which have been written by or set in the Waterloo Region of Ontario, Canada. You can click through to the archive if you would like to see a list of books local to the region.

Today's spotlight is on:

The Vision
Author -  Linda Blum
Publisher - Linda Blum
Date published - 2007
# of pages - 515
Age - Adult 

A green-eyed woman, a psychic and whole lotta trouble!!!

Fifteen years ago Judy's mother was brutally murdered. The murderer walked away with money and their freedom. Now fifteen years later Judy is having dreams about a woman whose only discernible feature are her green eyes. This green-eyed psycho professes to be the murderer and warns Judy to leave her alone or she will regret it.

Judy turns to the police for help, but their reluctance gives Judy's friend, Hope, an idea. She suggests taking on the case themselves. With the stolen police information in hand, Judy and Hope bumble their way through trying to catch the bad guy. Little do they know some is watching over them. Through dinner dates, sultry dance routines, stakeouts and a whole lot of psychic visions, the women find out that playing detective isn't what it's cut out to be, especially when the true murderer is revealed.

Follow along this mystical ride to find a murder.
Local connection:  Local author

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