Saturday, September 15, 2012

On My Wishlist: The Water Thief

On My Wishlist is a weekly meme hosted by Sarah of Workaday Reads. My wishlist is growing again so it's time to start sharing more great finds I can't wait to get my hands on!

This is a book I found on Goodreads. The premise sounds fantastic and there are some really glowing reviews that make me want to read it even more:

The Water Thief by Nicholas Lamar Soutter

Published by CreateSpace, 2012

CHARLES THATCHER is a private citizen, which is to say that he’s the private property of the Ackerman Brothers Securities Corporation. He’s got problems: the cost of air is going up, his wife wants to sell herself to another corporation, and his colleagues are always trying to get him tossed into the lye vats.

But when he discovers a woman stealing rainwater, he sees his chance to move up in the world, maybe even become an executive. He reports her, painting a picture, not just of a thief, but of a seditionist and revolutionary, someone who believes in that long-dead institution called “government.”

When she suddenly vanishes, he fears the worst and begins trying to track her down. What he finds is a nightmare far worse than he’d imagined—that his report on her may actually have been right.

Now engaged with a small rebel group, Charles learns about life outside his corporation. But in a world where everything is for sale and lies are more profitable than the truth, he begins to wonder if even these revolutionaries have something to hide.

You can find it on Goodreads.


  1. I've seen the book somewhere before, but can't remember where. It sounds exciting, and I honestly love the understated cover.

    1. There is something very enticing about the cover despite how simple it is.

  2. It sounds sooo dystopian! And I love the cover too. I'll definitely add it to my wishlist.

    -Akira @ The Literary Path

    1. Very dystopian! Glad you found one to add to your own wishlist :D


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