Thursday, November 1, 2012


This month has gone by so quicky and it seems I have not got too much blogging done. I am considering new options for the future because it seems it's getting harder and harder to keep this up. I guess this is the nature of having two blogs, both on very similar topics! I tend to burn out quicker that way.

Just wanted to say I will be going with Sarah from Workaday Reads to the Ontario Book Bloggers Meet-up this Saturday. This is the second year it will be held and last year looked like so much fun I cannot wait to go!

Tomorrow I will be posting about another local book, followed by my Wishlist meme on Saturday.

When I come back next week I will be having a Children's Book Week to review the many picture books I've received in the past few months. I also have an interview from Jennifer Adams, the creator of Babylit board books.

The week after I will be reviewing as many of the non-fiction books as I can. The week after that I will have some fiction reviews for you again.

Hope to see you all back then!

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