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Below you will find an archived list of participants on Suddenly Books. Authors and bloggers, if you would like to appear on the blog, please contact me at for more information.

Author & Press Interiews, Excerpts, and Guest Posts
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711 Press (Jaime Vendera) (Guest Post – Books in episodes, 2011)

Adams, Nancy (Interview, 2011)

Adomait, Evie (Local author, Interview, 2011)

Beltz, Kelly (Interview, 2012)

Andrews, Benjamin (Interview, 2012) 

      Andrews, Benjamin (Guest post - Royalty in Rift of Askrah, 2012)

Bennington, Jeff (Reunion Blog Tour, Interview, 2011)

Browne, Marie-Therese (Interview, 2011)

Bulger, Naomi (Guest Post – Pen pals, 2011)

Darken, Teric (Interview, 2012)

Elliot, Laura A. H. (Guest Post - Winnemucca Release Day Blitz, Press Release, 2011)

   Elliot, Laura A. H. (Interview, 2011)

Etienne, Doris (Local author, Interview, Excerpt, 2011)

Foster, Melissa (Guest Post – Reading & Life, 2011)

Gould, Jonathan (Interview, 2011)

Montaigne, Shawn Michel de (Guest Post – Book Trailer, 2011)

Manni, Robert (Interview + Guest Post - Spirituality In A Fast Paced Novel About Advertising) , 2011

Maze, Ellen C. (Interview, 2011) (My very first interview!!!)

Raynes, Lisa (Guest post - Book Trailer, 2011)

Rigel, L.K. (Bleeder Blog Tour, Guest Post – Dragons & Phoenix, 2011)

Sweeny, Isaac (Flash Fiction/Excerpt – “Twelve Years From Then", 2011) 

Turner, Jodine (Destiny’s Call Blog Tour, Interview, 2011)

Turner, Kevin M. (Interview, 2011)

Tyler, Pavarti K (Blog Tour, Interview, 2011)

Blogger Interviews and Guest Posts

Workaday Reads (Sarah) (Guest Post – Local – “About Waterloo Region”)

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