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I enjoy reading and reviewing books in many different genres and for many different ages. Variety is what keeps me going. In an effort to keep similar books together and make my review list easier to navigate, I've rearranged them by age group and format.

Children's Board Books

Adams, Jennifer. Alice in Wonderland: A Color Primer
Adams, Jennifer. Jane Eyre: A Numbers Primer

Children's Picture Books

Azore, Barbara. Wanda and the Wild Hair

Buostos, Eduardo. Going Ape!

Dews, Richard Garrett. Mike Monkey Has 5 Bananas
Duprey Stehlik, Tania. Violet

Ezpeleta, Laurie. A Witches' Thanksgiving: A Post Halloween Tale 

Nimrodi, Noa. (Illustrated by Tamir Lichtenberg). Birds Can Fly and So Can I

Ravishankar, Anushanka. The Rumor

Wildsmith. Brian. The Bremen Town Musicians 

Poetry Collection / Novel-in-verse 

Friedman, Andrew. Say Not What If 

Kenney, Mac. My Pictures, My Words

Pussel, Dean. Love the Universe in You

Rylant, Cynthia. Ludie's Life

Short Stories and Collections

Chau, Angie. Quiet As they Come (short story version)

Hartling, Jon. The Snow Owl

Lockwood, Sunny. Shades of Love 

Sweeney, Isaac. Evolvement 

Junior Fiction

Lamont, D.F. The Jinx

Motlagh, Kathy. Eutopia: The Discovery

Junior Non-fiction

Bowers, Vivien. Hey Canada!

Young Adult Fiction 

711 Press. Order of 5ive: Season 1 Episode 1 (Pilot Episode, Initiation Part 1)

Alva, Kristian. Dragon Stones: Book One of the Dragon Stones Saga
Anderson, T. MONAD 12.21.12: The Awakening of Stella Steinar 

DeBrosse, T.S. Jeremy Chikalto and the Hazy Souls 

Rice, Morgan. Turned (Vampire Journals #1)  

Scott, Jess C. The Other Side of Life (Elven Cyberpunk Trilogy #1)
Shuler, Tara. Shelter (Blood Haze #1) 

Turner, Jodine. Carry on the Flame: Destiny's Call

Williams, Patricia. Hunger and Hunted (The Dead Novelettes #1 & #2)

Adult Fiction (Novellette to Novel)

Alderman, David N. Picture Perfect
Anderson, Jenna. Healing Touch 

Beltz, Kelly. Beyond the Stars: Kataria
Beltz, Kelly. Beyond the Stars: Ineo
Benefiel, Stacey Wallace. Day of Sacrifice: The Prophecy (Day of Sacrifice Stories #1)
Benefiel, Stacey Wallace. Rebellion: The Outer Territory (Day of Sacrifice Stories #2)
Benefiel, Stacey Wallace. Dormant + Takeover (Day of Sacrifice Stories #3 + #4) 
Bennington, Jeff. Reunion
Bruce-Benjamin, Samantha. The Art of Devotion
Bulger, Naomi. Airmail

Cantwell, Karen and L.B. Gschwantner. Foxy's Tale (The Reluctant Vampire #1)
Curran, Thomas Rendell. Death of a Lesser Man (An Inspector Stride Mystery)

Elliot, Laura A. H. Winnemucca, a small town fairy tale 

Gould, Jonathan. Doodling
Gschwandtner, L.B. The Naked Gardener

Harper, Karen. Down to the Bone

Jackson, Cramer Louis. The Job  
Jennings, Laura. Highsong
Johnson, A.G.S. The Sausage Maker's Daughter
J.B. Zor

Nicholson, Scott. Crime Beat (Includes short story: "Do You Know Me Now?")

Rigel, L.K. Space Junque (In Flangrante Apocalypto #1)
Rigel, L.K. Spiderwork (In Flagrante Apocalypto #2
Rigel, L.K. Blue Amber (Apocalypto #3, Part 1)
Rigel, L.K. Bleeder (Apocalypto #3 - includes Blue Amber)
Rigel, L.K. Give Me: A Tale of Wyrd and Fae (Tethers #1)
Rockwell, Patricia. FM For Murder (Pamela Barnes Acoustic Mystery #2)

Shumway, Charity. Ten Girls to Watch
Skillman, S.C. Mystical Circles
Smith, Eric. Textual Healing
Stuckey-French, Elizabeth. The Revenge of the Radioactive Lady

Tyler, Pavarti K. Two Moons of Sera (Volume 1) 

Winman, Sarah. When God Was A Rabbit
Wolff, Rebecca. The Beginners

Christian Fiction

Darken, Teric. K-I-L-L FM 100: Music to Die For

Furr, Don. Quest for the Nail Prints

Hansen, Craig. Most Likely 

Maze, Ellen C. Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider (Rabbit #1) 
Maze, Ellen C. Rabbit Legacy (Rabbit #2)
Maze, Ellen C. The Judging (Corescu Chronicles #1)

Adult Non-fiction

Amlen, Deb. It's Not PMS, It's You!

Browne, Marie-Therese. Olga: A Daughter's Tale 
Clayton, Marie. Marilyn Monroe: Unseen Archives

Gunn, Tim. Shaken, Not Stirred

London, Dartanion. Social Comedia: Twitter Jokes and Silly Pictures
Lull, Valerie B. Ten Healthy Teas

Needleman, Deborah. Domino: The Book of Decorating

Papandrew, Jackie. The Desperate Dad's Guide to Getting Some

Shearson, Elle. The Little Book that Loves You
Smallin, Donna. Cleaning Plain & Simple 

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